The Campsite


Enjoy an unforgettable experience in a unique environment



At the main entrance of the campsite, you Will find the reception booth

Although Access to the tents is scheduled from 3:00 p.m., registration can be done upon arrival at the campsite. This way our staff Will show you where you can leave your luggage to start enjoying the experience.

Low Season: 10:00-20:00
High Season: 09:30-21:00


Telephone: 986687630
Whatsapp: 631319871


Mobile device charging station

We have a mobile device charging station powered by solar energy available.

At the reception booth, you`ll find our mobile device charging station. Campers can use it for free; however, the company doesn`t take responsibility for its custody. Therefore, it´s necessary to stay close to the device while charging.

At this tharging station, we also have locker-style storage units, each with two outlets, where devices can be left charging with their own key. The price is €1 for each opening. Additionally, you can utilize he outlets in the cafeteria.


Low & High Season 10:00-00:00



Cozy spot to grab a drink with stunning views of “Lago dos Nenos”.

Situated on the ground floor of the main building, it boasts three distinct areas. An indoor space and two terraces, one equipped with pergolas and the other open-air.

An ideal spot to savor breakfast, beverages, and snacks. What`s more, it offers board games for campers enjoyment.

Opening dates: May 15th to September 15th.

Opening Hours:

Low & High Season 9:30-01:00



Enjoy a wide variety of products at our supermarket.

We have a small supermarket on the ground floor of the main building, recently renovated. Insidem you´ll find various food ítems such as fruits, canned godos, deli meats, and fresh bread. We also stock cold beverages, ice, personal higiene products, household ítems, camping gear, and beach articles.

Opening dates: May 15th to September 15th.


Low & High Season 10:00-20:00

Sinks and Laundry Stations

Convenience for cleaning your clothes anad kitchen utensils.

Attached to the main restroom module is the restroom module is the laundry, equipped with one washer operating on a coin-operated system. Additionally, this space includes laundry stations designed for clothes washing and sinks specifically for dish cleaning.


The detergent and softener should be brought by de camper

Clean point

If you´re staying at the campiste, you can leave your trash at our clean point.

In the outdoor area of the restroom modules, there´s a designated area where you can leave the trash generated at the campsite.

Surveillance service

The quiet hours are from 01:00 to 09:00. During that time, the campsite has surveillance service, which will be available for any unforeseen circumstances, as well as to ensure compliance with the campsite's rules.

Telephone: 986687630