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Reserve a place at the campsite.

The first step is to make the camping reservation.
To do this, you must choose between bring your own tent or reserving one of the tents hire.
In both cases, it is necessary to select the date of entry and exit and fill in the details of the person making the reservation and of the occupants.


National Parks Authorization.

With the reservation of the campsite, we will request an authorization from National Parks to access the island.
You do not need to do any procedure.
We will do it for you.
This authorization is necessary to obtain the boat ticket.
If there are less than 90 days until the reserved day, it will be handled immediately.


Book boat ticket.

Once you have received authorization from national parks, you can reserve the boat ticket.
You can do it in any company that makes the transport to the islands.
The Authorization has a pre-reservation code, which you must use to make the boat reservation.

Camping Reservation includes National park permit so it is not necessary to obtain it yourself.

Camping Islas Cíes

Reservations Instructions

  • You must make your booking through our website:
  • We will send you an email with the confirmation of your booking.
  • Within the camping booking is included the management to get the National Park pre-reservation number given by the Galician Government. You don´t need to order this authorisation by your own: we manage this for you. You will receive an email from with an official document including PRE-RESERVATION CODES, required in order to buy the ferry tickets.
  • We need to warn you that his process won´t be automatic, so it can take a while since you make the booking. Furthermore, authorizations are only dispatched 30 days before your arrival date.
  • Once you finish the ferry tickets purchase, you will receive an email with the proper AUTHORITATION FROM THE GALICIAN GOVERMENT, a QR code that will be required at the entrance of the island.
  • Having a booking with us guarantees a place for you on the ferry but we recommend you to book it in advance in any of this companies:
Camping Islas Cíes

Condiciones de su reserva

  • The deposit for bookings is one night.
  • This amount is considered as part of the total cost of the stay, which will be substracted from the total bill at departure.
  • Booking could be canceled sending an email to
  • Booking cancellation is not permited 7 days before arrival date
  • More info :
  • Own tent:
  • Tent Hire: